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Tasting notes and characteristics:

Cheese made with pasteurized milk.

Small cylinder shape, with a sunken upper face and slightly convex sides. Flowery and defined skin, thin, regular white throughout the bark. The paste is soft, closed and dense, ivory in color and without eyes. Moist and mushroom smell, notes of wood and cellar, with some bitter nuances. The unctuousness of the sheep's milk is perceived in the mouth, allowing the cheese to be slowly enjoyed. The initial acidity gives way to the perception of the taste of milk, a vegetal background, with a walnut finish. The taste is pronounced, finished off with an intense and clean aroma, which gives character to the whole, ending with a low persistence. Altogether a cheese of medium intensity in flavor and aroma, always very clean.


Serve it on toast, ciabatta or grissini, wheat or cereal, even whole. Pear will contrast well with cheese, such as vegetable jams (celery, tomato), citrus or fig confit, wine jellies, orange blossom honey, or toasted hazelnuts.


It is recommended to try it with cava, slightly acidic and sweet, with the integrated carbon dioxide (cavas reserva), or young white wines, with moderate acidity, mainly Chardonnay or Moscatel.

In the kitchen:

Due to its characteristics it melts well at low temperature, and can be served hot on toast with roasted vegetables, or battered and fried on a background of red fruit jam, or only accompanied by whole grain cookies and honey.


The conservation temperature would be between 2 and 4ºC
Recommended consumption temperature: between 18 and 20ºC.