Flor de Llet
Flor de Llet
Flor de Llet
Flor de Llet
Flor de Llet
Flor de Llet

Flor de Llet

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Characteristics and tasting notes:

Cheese made with pasteurized milk.

Characteristic cylindrical shape, with flat faces and slightly convex sides, with rounded edges. Brownish bark, with gray hues. Particular smell, with memories of licorice on the outside and honey on the inside, very balanced as a whole. With a grainy and crystalline texture, it allows you to perceive in the mouth with a high intensity, some initial sweet notes, integrated rear salt, with a spicy, never burning aftertaste. Aromatic balsamic journey of honey and flowers, combined with the personality of a 1-year maturation. Overall, a balance between personality and power in maturation, a pronounced but always harmonious taste for a cheese with a personal and different taste.


Consuming it alone seems almost inexcusable. Due to its texture and maturation, a naturally sweet wine will go well with the whole in the mouth, although finos or manzanillas, or a sweet Garnacha can also be recommended. It admits various combinations due to its flavor and aromatic complexity, from sweet red fruit jams, through white grapes, toasted hazelnuts, spicy mustards, dried apricots or dates, or pears. Due to the degree of humidity, breads with more mold will accompany them better, such as sliced bread with raisins or pears, or even olive bread.

In the kitchen:

As the main cheese in an assortment or from the cheese trolley, accompanied by jellies or jellies of red, sweet, pumpkin or sweet potato fruits, or with angel hair.

Storage temperature would be between 4 and 6ºC

Recommended consumption temperature, between 17 and 20º

pasteurized sheep milk

Total Dry Extract: 52.3%

Fat on dry extract: 56.46%

Minimum maturation: 1 year

Average maturation:

Expiration: 3 years


Diameter: Height: 150mm. Weight: 5+ Kg