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Characteristics and tasting notes:

Cheese made with pasteurized milk.

Cylindrical cheese with flat faces and sharp edges, natural rind, with wood and gray tones. Presence of small eyes inside, irregularly distributed, and a weak and concentrated yellow paste color, characteristic of sheep's milk. The texture is grainy and friable, but cohesive, and it lengthens in the mouth, filling the palate. Sweet and sheep's milk notes at the entrance, with a highly integrated salt and a present but not accentuated astringency. Later on, the toasted wines appear, of increasing intensity, and with an aromatic finish of toasted cereal. Medium or long persistence, depending on the degree of maturation and cohesion of the paste.


Ideal to pair with aged, reserve, high-grade wines with a structured body, with mature tannins and developed secondary aromas. Mainly Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Syrah varietals, with a long stay in the barrel and a long subsequent maturation. Contrast pairings with quince or peach, as a complement with toasted hazelnut, always on wood-fired bread or dense bread.

In the kitchen: accompaniment to vegetables (cooked in any way), on toast and vegetables, in sweet fruit salads.


The storage temperature would be between 4 and 6ºC

Recommended consumption temperature: between 17 and 20 ºC.